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3 Reasons Why Brand Continuity is Essential for Small Businesses

Updated: Aug 26, 2023

It's easy to understand why the most successful brands have a certain level of consistency in their messaging and visuals (think Apple, McDonald's, Amazon). For small businesses, however, brand continuity may be even more important for success. By maintaining the same look and feel across all platforms, from differing social media accounts to websites, small businesses can create an established identity that's easily recognisable.

A fixed identity equals trust

Unified websites displayed on electronic devices
This is how your website and social media accounts should look across all platforms and devices.

Having a unified brand across multiple platforms allows customers to identify your business quickly and easily. If you use the same profile picture, logo, font, or colours on all of your platforms, prospective customers will instantly recognise who you are and what type of services you offer. And with great recognition comes greater trust; customers are more likely to be drawn to a recognisable brand than an unfamiliar one.

Better customer experience all round

Moreover, having consistency across platforms helps create a unified customer experience. This is especially important as people move from channel to channel; for example, when customers read your blog on your website and then click over to social media. If they expect the same look and feel, it's easier for them to trust that the company is still the same.

The same goes for other elements of your business, such as pricing and products. Keeping prices and products consistent across accounts helps ensure that customers don't feel like they're getting different deals in different places, which could lead to confusion and distrust.

Makes room for occasional, unified change in your small business

Citrus fruits with the text "keep it fresh" above them
"Keep It Fresh" designed by The Social Media Coach

It's important to remember that your business also needs to stay fresh. After a certain point, or when launching something new, the brand can be updated with relevant visuals to keep up with trends. This is a great way to stay relevant and attract more customers, but it should be done in moderation.

Now, go and make yourself recognisable

The Social Media Coach x


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