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7 Social Media Content Ideas for February

As the winter weather continues to chill our bones, many of you reading may be struggling with reduced funds, and businesses alike may be battling with a lack of seasonal trading.

Also, February, on the whole, is a bit of a sh*t month... nothing really happens apart from Valentine's Day (controversial in itself), and the weather continues to be pants 😒. However, this doesn't mean that your social media presence should be sh*t and hibernate along with the rest of winter.

In fact, February presents a unique opportunity to connect with your audience in a more personal and engaging way.

So here you go: I have compiled 7 social media content ideas for February. These ideas take into account the key dates this month and aim to boost your online presence, despite everything being slightly depressing.

FEBRUARY spelled out using wooden letter pieces

Key Content Dates in February

  • February 4th - (EVERYONE) World Cancer Day: Promote fundraising initiatives for cancer research. Donate money to a cancer charity and encourage other businesses to do the same.

  • February 9th - (CATERERS OR RESTAURANT OWNERS) National Pizza Day: Who doesn't love pizza? Share mouth-watering images of your pizzas, or ask your followers to share their favourite pizzas of yours. Click here for inspiration

  • February 11th - (EVERYONE) National Make a Friend Day: Use this day to promote community and connection by tagging your favourite small businesses. Treat this as online networking. Click here for inspiration

  • February 13th - (EVERYONE) Pancake Day (UK): Hold a competition in your comments for the best-looking pancakes. The winner gets a prize from your business. Click here for inspiration

  • February 14th - (EVERYONE) Valentine's Day: This day is all about love, so why not show some love to your followers? Ask them to share what they love about your brand or offer a special discount for this day only. Promote this discount on the run-up to Valentine's Day to allow maximum exposure and engagement.

  • February 18th - Drink Wine Day: (RESTAURANTS AND WINE MERCHANTS) Share images or videos of your wine selection or offer a special wine discount for this day only. Click here for inspiration

  • February 20th - Love Your Pet Day: (DOG GROOMERS OR VETS) Use this day to showcase you and your employees' furry friends, or ask your followers to share pictures of their pets with your products or services... Click here for inspiration

By no means do you have to use all of these ideas... you can pick and choose as you like. Similarly, you can take these ideas and input specific 'calls to action' as you wish; these suggestions are not meant to be limiting or constrictive.

Now go out and make the most of February!

The Social Media Coach x




This really helps me structure my February marketing. Thank you Ruth x

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