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"TikTok AND Reels... Seriously?!" Why Posting on Both Platforms is a Good Idea

As social media continues to evolve and new platforms emerge, it can be overwhelming for small businesses to keep up, I get it... I feel the same! However, there are a few platforms that have proven to be highly effective in reaching a wide audience easily, and TikTok and Reels (Instagram and Facebook) are two of them.

Huge User Base

Despite being relatively new compared to other social media platforms, TikTok and Reels (Instagram and Facebook) have gained immense popularity with millions of active users. With such a massive audience base, it is no surprise that businesses are now leveraging these platforms for marketing purposes.

Demographics and Audience

By posting on both platforms, businesses have the opportunity to reach different audiences. While both platforms have a similar concept of short-form videos, the demographics of their users are quite diverse. TikTok's user base is generally younger, with 41% of its users falling between the ages of 16-24, while Reels' audience comprises mainly millennials and Gen Zers (20+) that have had Instagram and Facebook for years.

Therefore, by posting on both platforms, businesses can reach a wider age range, ensuring their content is seen by a larger audience.

Reuse, Reduce, Recycle

Posting on both Reels and TikTok allows businesses to repurpose their content. Creating original and engaging content takes time and effort, so it makes sense for businesses to use the same content on multiple platforms. By doing so, they save time and resources while still reaching different audiences and achieving their marketing goals.

'For You' Page Famous, Darling

Posting on both platforms is beneficial because of the potential for your content to go viral. Both TikTok and Reels use algorithms that show users content based on their interests, making it easy for posts to gain traction quickly. With millions of active users scrolling through these platforms daily, a single post can reach thousands, if not millions, of people within a short period.

This type of exposure is invaluable for businesses looking to increase their brand visibility and attract potential customers.

Both or No?

With the growing popularity of these platforms, it would be a missed opportunity for businesses not to tap into their immense marketing potential. So if you're a business looking to step up your social media game, make sure to post on both Reels and TikTok for maximum impact.

The Social Media Coach x


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