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Utilising Twitter (X) for Small Business Marketing

❗❗❗ Heads up! Twitter has recently been rebranded as 'X'. Throughout this blog, for ease of recognition, I'm going to refer to the platform as Twitter ❗❗❗.

What is Twitter (X), and how can small businesses benefit from it?

  1. Twitter is a microblogging platform that allows users to share short messages, also known as tweets, in real-time.

  2. With over 330 million active users, Twitter provides a vast audience for YOU to engage with and connect with new customers.

  3. Unlike other social media platforms, Twitter's character limit of 280 characters forces businesses to be concise and creative with their messages. It's an ideal platform for businesses who just need to get their message out there quickly, e.g., YOU.

Pros of using Twitter for Small Business Marketing ✔

  • Cost-effective: As stated above ☝, it's short and quick, which means you don't have to pay a content writer. YOU say what you need to, and ta-da, it's out there for your audience.

  • Instant communication: With its real-time nature, Twitter allows businesses to instantly communicate with their customers. This can be extremely beneficial in addressing customer queries and complaints, building brand loyalty and trust.

  • Increased brand awareness: By regularly sharing engaging content and interacting with followers, you can increase brand visibility on Twitter. Twitter is more about interacting, and less about promoting. Get your audience on board, then tell them about your products.

  • Targeted advertising: Twitter's advanced targeting options allow businesses to reach out to a specific audience based on their interests, location, and other demographics. This helps in ensuring that marketing efforts are directed towards potential customers, leading to a higher return on investment (ROI).

Cons of using Twitter for Small Business Marketing ❌

  • Time-consuming: Effectively utilising Twitter for marketing requires businesses to consistently share content and engage with their followers. Because of its real-time nature - you can feel like you're glued to your phone. This can be time-consuming and may not be feasible for small businesses with limited resources.

  • Limited character count: While the character limit forces businesses to be concise, it can also be a limiting factor in effectively communicating their message or promoting their products/services, leading to multiple, cumbersome Tweet threads.

  • Negative feedback: As with any social media platform, there is always a risk of receiving negative feedback from customers, but Twitter allows for this on a much larger, and more obvious scale. It is important for businesses to have a plan in place to handle such situations and respond promptly and professionally.

  • High competition: With millions of users and businesses on Twitter, standing out can be a challenge. Twitter is filled to the brim with influencers, celebrities and large corporations. Small businesses may struggle to gain traction and visibility amidst the competition.

Should I bother, then?

Short answer: have you got enough time?

Personally, I view Twitter as a second-tier social media platform; once you've made your mark on Facebook and Instagram, perhaps been verified 🤯, it's time to add Twitter to your strategy. Before then, it may be a drag, as you're just drowned out by other massive corporations.

ALTHOUGH, Twitter allows you to reach out to a larger audience, engage with customers, and increase brand visibility at a minimal cost. However, it is essential for businesses to carefully consider the pros and cons listed here before implementing Twitter as part of their marketing strategy; it might be more hassle than it's worth.

What will you decide?

Twitter for your business?

  • YES

  • NO

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